A Tribute to Women

Let me start by saying I love to be a woman! Yesterday, on the 8th of March, it was the International Women’s Day. Many are confused about what to do on that day. Do we celebrate? Do we buy flowers for the women in our life? Do we raise awareness about the inequalities that are still around when it comes to genders? Do we fight for our rights? 

I had a good reason to celebrate yesterday, since one of my dearest friends have her birthday on the 8th of March, and she asked me and other friends to join her for dinner at a nice restaurant. We didn’t talk about the Women’s Day at all during the evening, but I realized how nice it is to focus on, pay attention to and be grateful for the good in life, even when there is inequalities, injustices, war, poverty and everything else that we wish would go away. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t live with the ”if I don’t think about it, it doesn’t exist” notion. Nonetheless, I am a firm believer of appreciation and gratitude for what you have, and of making yourself aware of everything good about yourself, your life and your surroundings. 

Being a woman is something that can feel quite double-edged. Can I enjoy being a woman, even though I have to go through periods, menstrual cramps and hormonal rollercoasters? Can I enjoy being a woman even though society isn’t fully ”there” yet when it comes to equality? I say yes, and I say it because I really do love being a woman, even in the hardships of it. I love that I have a monthly period, where I get to tune into the different needs of my body and mind from day to day. I love that I have a close relationship to my emotions. I love that I have the capacity to grow and carry a child within me. I love my feminine intuition. I love that I have breasts that can nourish a child with the exact mix of nutrition that it needs at that exact moment. I love that I can grief and adapt when some of these innate qualities are not functioning as expected or wished for. I love that I was born from a woman. I love that I was born from my mother and from my grandmother, since the egg that turned out to become me, was in my mother’s womb already when she was a baby in her mother’s womb. I love the strength I feel as a woman and as a mother. 

I love everything about being a woman. I am not always feeling that love, but I know it’s always within reach, since I have practiced this love, appreciation and gratitude for myself and for being a woman. 

Maybe you can find some things that you love about being a woman? It might be tricky at start. Sometimes when you start with new things, new thinking patterns and new habits, it takes a while. Let it take however long it needs. You are in no rush. 

To celebrate women, near and far, we decided to do two special things in our company this week: 

  • We are donating half of the earnings from all purchased Programs this week, to women in need! 
  • We are offering the Vital Woman Program at a super discounted price, if money was ever the hinder for you to join the program. Just use the code ”PEACE” at checkout, and the program will be yours for only € 99! (instead of € 249) The code is valid until Sunday 13th of March, and once you’ve purchased the program, you can take part of it for as long as you want, all in your own pace. You are in no rush. 

Thank you for reading today, see you in the program!

With love, 


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