Why is it so hard to truly know and describe yourself? 

Welcome to the Weekly Wednesday new and first Vital Woman blog!

Every Wednesday we will post stories and information about life and female health because we have so much inspiration and so much to share.

In the first few posts we will tell you a bit about who we are. On our website, www.vitalwoman.care, you can read more about who we are on professional level. This blog is more personal and we would like to share our stories with you. Maybe you can resonate with what we share. Or maybe you feel inspired or motivated. At least that is our intention. To bring you something good to read and to fill your cup with positivity. We need that in these hard times the world is in.

What moved us to create Vital Woman?

Here is Diana’s personal story to begin with. 

Hi, my name is Diana and I am 43 years old and born in the Netherlands. I am married for 23 years and mother of two children. My daughter is 20 and my son is 16 years old. At age 35 I moved to Sweden with my family and left everything behind that I loved and was important to me. Why I did that I will write about in another post. As the adventurers me and my family are, we bought a plot and built our own tiny house here in Sweden. We are still building our sustainable life in nature. I want to take you with me on my adventures and struggles in the hope it will inspire you. 

My style of writing is truthful, humorous and deep. I will write about my life in nature and all that comes with it. Topics as pre-menopause that is already knocking on my door (with those always present hormones rushing through my core) , chronic illness and how I healed physical and emotional trauma. My journey and hardships moved me to create Vital Woman and the need for a women’s community. I want to share what it means to me to follow the whispers of the heart and how to stay vital and healthy in these modern times. I have a lot of professions and I studied many things. What all my studies have in common is health. So, besides my life writings I will share my favorite health tips, natural remedies and recipes. 

Words that best describe me according to family and friends: 

Introvert, dreamer, sensitive, strong, caretaker, intelligent, wise, empath, funny, creator, communicator and impatient, stubborn, can’t handle conflicts, cranky, quickly overwhelmed. She recharges best being alone, Inspiring, motivated, professional, caring for family, friends, people and the planet, smart, word magician, trustworthy, good at sorting out what the key thing is, director, fighter, protective, practical, doer, manifesting action taker and healer.

I was overwhelmed with the descriptions of my family and friends and I feel so blessed to have people around me that know me so well and feel me like this. I started thinking on how I saw myself and how I would describe myself. It is weird and somehow painful to find out that the first things you think about are negative things or to experience shame to say good stuff out loud about yourself. Therefor I started a little experiment and asked my family and friends how they best describe themselves. Most of them started to describe their profession or abilities. 

Why is it so hard to truly know and describe yourself? 

Maybe you want explore with me? How would you describe yourself in words? 

Not your skills nor your profession or abilities but who you feel you are within. 

If you like you can share your experience with us by commenting on the post? 

Well my loves, this is my introduction for now and you will get to know me better with more posts to come. I can’t wait! Writing is and always has been healing for me so I feel writing this blog will bring me so much goodness.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and for your time!

Love, Diana

P.s next blog is Sara’s introduction so stay tuned! 

One thought on “Why is it so hard to truly know and describe yourself? 

  1. Really inspiring with the words you describe yourself as. I would describe myself as introvert, caring, pleaser, positive and creative. You have an inspiring way of writing. Looking froward to your future posts!

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