Isn’t it a jungle to stay healthy and vital nowadays? 

We are Diana ‘t Hooft, a Business & Vitality Coach and Nutritional Therapist from the Netherlands and Sara Gustafsson, a Health Therapist in Sweden, specialized in Women’s Pelvic & Abdominal Health. We teamed up to help you navigate towards health and vitality more easily. 

The first step was to create the Vital Woman Program, so that you can start your journey on Vitality at home, in your own pace, in your own way. So much more is about to happen in the company, and we are looking forward to offer you more on Health and Vitality along the way. 

Our History

Join the Vital Woman Program here and start your path of vitality already today. 

  • Diana 't Hooft started working as a Health and Wellness Professional, including skincare from within through nutrition and nutritional supplements.

  • Sara Gustafsson founded what is now Spira Care and specialized in Women's Pelvic & Abdominal Health.

  • Diana founded her company Natural Feedback in the Netherlands.

  • Diana expanded her company to Sweden, where she now lives.

  • Sara opened up a Health Clinic in Stockholm, where she and Diana met and started working together for the first time. The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  • The first seed of Vital Woman was planted and they started writing and shaping the products, services and the company.

  • The big production year, where they wrote, filmed, produced and launched the Vital Woman Program.

  • Vital Woman is reaching out to the world with the words and wisdom of Vitality.


Happy clients
Years of experience

Our Team

Sara Gustafsson

Founder & Women's Health Specialist

Diana 't Hooft

Founder, Corporate & Vitality Specialist

Julia Stenman

Massage Therapist

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