The Threat of War

In this week’s blog I was supposed to write something fun about food together with some delicious recipes. Although I firmly believe we need fun and airy topics to read I can’t deny this past week’s news and development. 

How come we live in a world where we, the innocent people, still in 2022 have to be afraid of a small group of people that have the power to decide if we live or die. 

A small group that can launch nuclear and other deadly weapons and declare war apparently at any time they want. We all experience fear in some level. Not only because the war is so close for Europeans, but also for the threat that this could turn extremely ugly worldwide. 

We are slowly coming out of the pandemic situation, still feeling unclear of any new variant that could be luring around. But somehow someone started a war. That started a bunch of feelings within me that I don’t know how to cope with at this moment. 

My intention is to give everyone on this planet some peace of mind. So that’s what I will do to not feel so helpless. I will deliberately send out peaceful thoughts. Maybe it helps, maybe not, but it sure will give me some peace of mind, even though it’s just a bit. Are you with me? Can we collectively and consciously think about peace? I will add it to my daily ritual.

Here’s an affirmation you can join while drinking a calming cup of chamomile tea: 

I will take a moment to send peaceful thoughts, love and strength to all who are innocent and to myself. I will take a moment to think about all the countries worldwide that are in war. I will take a moment to honor victims of any crime or war worldwide. I light a candle to spread light. 

Sending you all peace, love and strength. 

With love, 


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