Always look at the bright side 

Last week’s post was well received and read by you and others, so now you know a little about my wonderful friend and business partner Diana. This week it’s my turn to give you an idea about who I am and where I come from: 

I am Sara, I’m 33 years old and I am living in Stockholm, Sweden, with my boyfriend since of last year, and my beautiful son who is 7 years old. 

I’ll tell you the easily digested story of my life in this post, and in the future I will refer to some of the events that has shaped me more than others, but first I’ll pop in some describing words about me in the same spirit as Diana’s post, so you get a sense of my inner qualities. You could describe me as: 

Professional, esthetic, esoteric, communicative, healthy, eye for details, logical, technical, intuitive, caring, involved, open minded, flowy, introvert and extrovert, dreamer, practical, pleaser, optimist, interested, caretaker, out of box thinker, creative, self sabotaging, sweet, generous, quickly distracted, listener, survivor and healer.

I was born in Sweden, and I grew up on the countryside, in the house my great grandfather built over a hundred years ago. We had a few cats over the years, and temporarily a dog. My parents were entrepreneurs of their time. Even though they loved living on the countryside, we didn’t live the typical countryside or farm life. My mother did make some effort to grow vegetables with me and my younger brother some of the years, but the time wasn’t really there, when also working more than full time.

My childhood was happy, but it of course had some bumps in the road as well, including a severe illness when I was 6 years old, deaths of grandparents, difficulties for my brother, recurring illnesses for my father, my mother’s burnout and our parents’ divorce. I guess I adapted the ”what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and ”always look at the bright side” mindset quite early on. 

What mindset are you applying when it comes to difficulties in life? 

I had also always carried questions in my heart and soul, like ”What are we?”, ”Why are we here?”, ”What is love?”, which took me on an early spiritual quest, among meditation, yoga, vegetarianism, healing, body therapies and other interesting techniques and philosophies, already as a teenager. 

At 21 years of age, I met my son’s father, and when I was 23 I started preparing for a future pregnancy. I quit synthetic birth control and prepared my body with healthy food, yoga and body treatments for 2 years before we decided on the month to go for it. On the first try I was pregnant, and I was over the moon happy. I was 26 years old when I gave birth to our son, and he was perfect. I applied Attachment Parenting and have raised him with so much love and by all means natural. 

I was already running my own company since many years then, working with women’s health, and I kept on working a bit when I was on maternity leave. Since the relationship I was in wasn’t ideal and took a lot of my energy, I didn’t find time to recharge and recover. I hit the famous wall and was on sick leave for over a year. In that time our house burnt down, which seems like, and is, a tragedy. Although, I looked at the positive outcomes of it, pulled my last resources of energy and left the relationship. For a year, I was rebuilding my health, strength, sanity and happiness, through dancing, having fun and eating plenty of the Swedish pastry ”semla”. 

Since then, I’ve been living in an apartment in the city, next to the metro and traffic, which is not my element at all, being a forest girl who recharges in nature. Last year however, I rented a house to experience the countryside and forest again, and parts of me loved it, but parts realized that it was not ideal at that given time in my life. 

So, back to the city we went, and it was time for me and Diana, who I had met a year before, when she started working in my health clinic in Stockholm, to create what was erupting from inside of us. A program to help women know themselves. Not like all the other health and diet programs, not like all the other coachy, smily, happy lifestyle programs, and for sure not like the non-applicable heavy to-do-list programs that just causes more stress. We wanted to help women relax, and understand why they are feeling the way they are feeling, and how to relate to that. How to befriend and love themselves and their bodies, just like we have learned over the years. 

Last year was a lot(!) of work to make this happen, and we took a well deserved rest during the darkest winter month to assemble energy for the new year to come. Now it is 2022, and I am so much looking forward to what it will bring, since we will get Vital Woman out there, and on a personal note, we are planning to buy a farm and move to the countryside, hopefully already before the summer. So, beyond that I will write blog posts about women’s health, you will probably hear some of my adventures in finding the property of my dreams. 

Thank you for being here, for taking the time to read and allowing for us to inspire you along the way! Next week you will get some tips on how to deal with the winter blues, including a different approach on that from a Swedish Winter Survivor! Stay tuned! 



Ps. In our Newsletter we include a Fun Fact every week, so do sign up for it in the form at the bottom of this page. For today I will include the fun fact here as well:

If you feel sad or moody, you tend to listen to music that has that same feeling to it, which may keep you in a low vibe longer than you’d want to. Sara’s tip is to change into a more happy song and start moving your body to it, to encourage a sense of more happiness and joy. One of her favorite happy songs is: 

“Where are you know” by Lost Frequencies & Calum Scott 

On our YouTube Channel we have created a Happy Vital Music playlist for you. Feel free to let us know your favorite happy tune in the comments below, so that we can add it to the list!

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